Capsule Hotels in Japan

Capsule Hotels in Japan

view from Keisei skylinerJust how quirky can things get when you are visiting Japan for the first time? To bring back the experience and telling your story.

Capsule hotels in Japan are one of the very first of its kind. Its unique function of providing a space solely to sleep and refreshen makes it one of the experience you should have when visiting Japan.

Why a Capsule Hotel?

It is a cheap option for anyone visiting a city or place for a night. Besides, you ARE blending in with the locals! To truly experience what Japan has to offer, you live like the locals.

Why stay at Asakusa?

Asakusa is a perfect example of a modern yet traditional district. Want to shop at a department store? There is Matsuya Department Store. How about a visit to a famed temple? The Sensoji Temple is just a few blocks away. Wait, what about souvenirs? Upon visiting Sensoji Temple, there is a long stretch of stalls with unique souvenirs for everyone.

I had the privilege of being in Japan and to be able to tell my story on Travelicious.World was fantastic.

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