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About Me



Eating My Way Through One Country at a Time

Hi there! My name is Yuyi and I am simply just a Malaysian girl finding a place to tell all her travel tales. Professionally, I have a degree in Chemistry, and I am currently working as Chemist in a lab. Yes,  that sounds boring and nerdy doesn’t it? You are probably wondering what can a Chemist possibly know or blog about places/travelling? Well I am driven by the fascinating experiences I had at the places I have been to and  just wish to share it with everyone!

Where have I been to?

  •  Melbourne
  • Japan
  • Hong Kong
  • London
  • Thailand

I am neither a professional writer or blogger, but I will try my best to possibly aid you if you are somehow stranded in a lonely country not knowing where to stay, go or eat! Hope you enjoy my personal rant and do feel free to drop me comments! I don’t bite.

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